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Advisor: Dr. D. Janssen (email: djanssen@gordonstate.edu)


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Spring 2014




Dr. Janssen, Stephanie Hogg, Lauren Williams, and Samantha Watt represented the Honors Program at the Southern Regional Honors Council Conference in Savannah in March 2014. Lauren presented “Leading Students to Success with Innovative Technology,” and Samantha and Stephanie co-presented “Diana Prince and Helene Cixous: The Wonder Women of Their Age.”

Next year's SRHC will be held in Greenville, SC. Consider presenting - it's great experience and great fun!

The 3rd Annual Honors Trivia Competition will be April 17th at 6pm in the Nursing Building. Last year's winners (pictured) were Drs. Schmude and Rumfelt with their team. Who will take the Einstein head this year...?

Rules: Up to 6 on a team; no more than half can be Gordon faculty. There will be 5 rounds as well as our infamous bonus "betting" questions.

Prizes will include Gordon Bookstore gift cards, and, of course, the bragging rights and Einstein's head, which you see in Dr. Schmude's hands above.

Other notes: Honors Program Requirements

 -The requirements for graduating with Honors with either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree have been established. Both degrees require that students must pass at least 4 honors sections offered by the college. However, additional requirements for the Baccalaureate program include acts of Scholarship and Service. Scholarship can be achieved by presenting at the Gordon Symposium or any other similar conference, and there may be additional ways to meet that requirement. Service involves donating your time to the school or community, typically 20 hours, and this can also be met by serving as a member of the Student Honors Council for at least one year.

 -There is now an additional condition to remain a part of the Honors Club, apart from maintaining a 3.5 GPA: Students must take at least one Honors section each academic year. (This requirement is void as soon as the student completes four Honors classes.) There is a possibility of embedded classes being offered in the future, which would allow Honors credit to be obtained from regular classes. This would allow students who cannot fit Honors sections into their schedules, or who join the program late into their school career, to still have a chance of graduating with Honors. Details will be forthcoming.



Fall 2013

The Gordon Academic Contest was held on October 22nd, inviting high school students in the region to compete in areas such as history, art, and math.

Pictured are Honors Council members Stephanie Hogg (left) and Ashley Edwards addressing the visitors to Gordon.